Generating Aerodrome PIB


Step 1 (open screen)

From the Pre-Flight Briefing menu, select the Aerodrome PIB screen.

Aerodrome PIB mask

Step 2 (PIB Id)

The PIB Id field is automatically issued by the system and cannot be changed.


Step 3 (define validity)

From time is calculated on the basis of the current time. The current time is converted to UTC time according to the set time zone. To time displays the From time plus 24 hours.

Define the time range for which you want to have NOTAM included in the PIB. All NOTAM and messages of other selected message types that are valid within the selected time range will be included in the PIB.

To define the From and To dates, either type in the values manually or use the Calendar pop-up. To call the Calendar pop-up, click the Aerodrome-PIB.png button. Select a month and day and click OK. The entered date must be the current date or a date in the future.


Step 4 (define further filter criteria)

The system allows you to enter filter criteria concerning the TAM that you want to have included in the PIB.

Message Type

Select the message type or types that you want to have included in the PIB. Message Type NOTAM is always included, SNOWTAM is selected by default.
Attention! BIRDTAM are not available and therefore they are not included in the PIB.

Briefing Type

Briefing type lets you choose which kind of NOTAM series you wish to have included in your PIB: international (INT), national (NAT) and/or military (MIL) NOTAM. One of the check boxes must be selected (if none is selected an error message is raised). INT and MIL are selected by default.

The options INT and NAT are for the language in which the NOTAM are issued. In the Netherlands NOTAM are issued in English (INT) only. Therefore you should always select INT to receive a PIB result.

Flight Rules

Flight Rules lets you choose which kind of NOTAM (in relation to the values in the issued NOTAM) you wish to have included in your PIB: IFR, VFR or IFR / VFR.

The system requires you to select one of the Flight Rules.

IFR stands for Instrument Flight Rules. A flight conducted in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules is an IFR flight.

VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules. A flight conducted in accordance with the Visual Flight Rules is a VFR flight.

IFR/VFR is a combination of IFR and VFR and is selected by default.

Step 5 (define aerodromes)

In the Identifier field Aerodromes enter the ICAO location indicator of the aerodrome(s) for which you want to generate the PIB and click the Aerodrome-PIB.png button. On the lower left side of the Aerodromes section, Total displays the current number of entered aerodromes.

The total number of aerodromes that can be entered is 30.

The ICAO Location Indicator of an aerodrome generally consists of a four-letter combination. Additionally several heliports/landing sites consist of a six-letter combination.

If you do not know the ICAO location indicator of the Aerodrome, click on the Aerodrome-PIB.png button. The Search Aerodromes screen appears and allows you to search for an aerodrome. You can search for an aerodrome by ICAO Code, IATA Code, FIR Code, the Aerodrome Name or the Type of Aerodrome (Aerodrome, Heliport, Landing site). Enter part of the ICAO code (for example EH) or fill one of the other fields and click Search. All aerodromes that meet the entered search criteria are displayed.
In almost all fields you can search by entering one or more characters. For the field FIR Code it is only possible to search on a fully entered FIR of 4 characters.

A search criterion must be entered in one of the selected search fields. If you do not enter anything in these fields, an error message is displayed.

Attention! Entering ZZZZ results in a validation error. It is not possible to define the location of ZZZZ in an Aerodrome PIB form.

Search Aerodromes screen.

Click on the aerodrome you want to add to your PIB. The selected aerodrome appears in the aerodrome list.

Fully completed Aerodrome PIB form

Step 6 (generate PIB)

To generate the PIB, click on the Generate button.

The PIB contains all relevant (that meet the selected criteria) NOTAM and messages of other types for the selected aerodromes.

The PIB lists NOTAM by aerodromes (En-Route information and Nav Warnings).

The header of the PIB displays the following information:

·          Organisation Name

·          E-mail address of the organisation

·          Phone number of the organisation

·          Bulletin Generation date and time in UTC

·          Report reference number

·          Selected Validity time period of PIB in UTC

·          Selected Service Type. Full or Update

·          Selected Flight Rules (IFR, VFR or IFR / VFR)

·          Type of TAM included in the PIB
Not the selected types of TAM are displayed but the type of TAM that are actually inserted in the created PIB

·          Contents of PIB

·          Selected Aerodromes

·          Selected Briefing Type(s). INT and/or NAT and/or MIL

·          Legend with the symbols (and their meanings) that are placed in front of a displayed TAM message

Example of an Aerodrome PIB


Step 7 (option: send PIB in email)   

The generated PIB can be sent via e-mail. To send the PIB to one or more e-mail recipients, click the mail symbol (). The Email addresses dialog opens with as default the e-mail address of the user account.
Define multiple e-mail addresses in this dialog by entering the e-mail addresses separated by commas.

Send PIB via e-mail

Press Send to send the PIB to the specified e-mail addresses.

After successfully sending the PIB to the specified e-mail addresses, the following message displays:

PIB successfully sent

Step 8 (option: generate PDF)   

The PIB can be exported to a PDF file by clicking on the PDF symbol ().