Briefing Handbook (Saved Briefings)

Step 1 (open screen)

From the Pre-Flight Briefing menu, select the Briefing Handbook (Saved Briefings) screen.

Briefing Handbook mask

Briefing generated at column has the following format: yy/mm/dd  hh:mm.

Attention! A generated (predefined) “VFR FIR Brief – EHAA” Briefing is not shown in the Briefing Handbook. The reason is that only the PIB query (the filters) is saved and not the PIB result. Therefore it is recommended to save the PIB result in a different way (e.g. as a PDF).

Step 2 (define filter)

By default "Show most recent items" is selected, which lists records of all briefing queries of the last 10 days.

You can also select "Show all items" and click on Refresh. This lists records of all briefing queries of the last 90 days.

Step 3 (Use the PIB query)


You can use a PIB query as template for a new PIB.

Select the PIB you want to use as template. Click on Use to open the appropriate mask.



Select the record (PIB) for which you want to generate an Update PIB.

Click Update to generate the Update PIB.

Attention! An Update PIB always has a ‘To’ validity of current time + 12 hours.

This is regardless of the ‘From’ and ‘To’ validity of the related PIB.

The Update PIB contains all the TAM (based on the selection criteria of the related PIB) that:

The update service is only available for PIBs not older than 3 days.